Calories are not created equal and they don’t take into consideration the nutrition that we are taking in from those calories. The measurement unit of a calorie actually does a great dis-service to health and nutrition. Calories fall short in a COMPLEX system like in the human body and this method is way outdated.

Calories in Food

How food affects your body as a whole is the most important aspect of a food, not the amount of calories it contains. A food can be very high calorie and can also be great for you. In contrast, a food very low in calories can cause increased inflammation (which is the start to chronic illness, disease and pain). Fat accumulation is usually not caused by calories and eating “good fat” is a must to give our bodies and brains what it needs. Did you know that our brain’s are 60% fat, and to maintain good brain function, we need to eat “good fats” regularly.



Food Calories

Basing a nutrition plan or goal on calories is definitely not the way to go about living a healthy, happy life. So if you are feeling hungry often, have afternoon fogginess and barely enough energy to make it through the day, something in your system is not being optimized. Your body is speaking to you but sometimes you don't understand.


For most of us we are lacking whole food nutrition. So what if we could supply our body with great nutrition on a daily basis? Well I’m seeing if first hand every day. Children that are picky eaters and don’t like to eat fruits and vegetables and those who have struggled for years with weight, chronic pain or fatigue. It’s amazing that if we start feeding our body what it needs, it will heal itself, get rid of the bad cravings and begin to make you feel more energized.

This product is called Juice Plus+, a foundation to your nutritional satisfaction. You can give your cells the nutritional essence of 26 fruits, vegetables, grains and berries everyday. That’s well over 13,000 phytonutreints that your body is going to thank you for! Juice Plus+ not only helps give you nutritional satisfaction, but it contains soluble fiber that most of us are lacking. This is the reason why many people will notice improvements in gastrointestinal issues after taking it.

In addition, Juice Plus+ is the world’s most thoroughly researched whole food-based nutritional product in history. With over 30 independent research studies showing:

  • To be bio-available (it gets into our blood stream)
  • Significantly increase antioxidants in your body
  • Significantly reduces free radicals (oxidation)
  • Reduces systemic inflammation
  • Protect and help repair DNA
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Improves heart health
  • Improves skin and gum health
  • Improve athletic recovery and performance


The icing on the cake (or should we say apple?) is NSA, the maker of Juice Plus+ has been offering this product for children ages 4 – College age for FREE since 1999. Currently there are over 800,000 children and young adults now receiving Juice Plus+ world wide at no cost! If you would like to learn about Juice Plus+ and the details of what the Children’s Health Study has shown along with what the doctors are saying about the research, please join us for our one hour free workshop on how this can be the easy solution for you and your family’s health.

Tuesday, May 7th 6pm-7pm
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Seating is limited so please call us at (951)972-2597 to pre-register. Sharing the gift of complete health, nutrition and wellness for all ages is our goal.