Setting New Goals

As we reflect on another year behind us, what were your 2016 highlights? Was there a new job, or start of a business or how about a new baby or grandbaby? We seem to measure our life by the years and taking a look in the rear-view mirror for a brief time to reflect is good, but more important is planning for the future. I always feel excited about starting a brand new year!

Setting New Goals I don’t know about you but I’m not the type to person that makes “New Year’s Resolutions” but I do like to put some goals into place and assess the goals that were set the prior year. Setting goals not just in your head but writing them on paper, or in your phone or computer is a great way to measure your life’s progress. And let’s face it, if we don’t set a few short and long term goals them we just kind of float through life because life does have a way of running us if we don’t run it!

Starting your year off with an ultrasound health screening is a great place to start to have a look of what is going on in the inside! We can always measure our weight and our waist lines but it’s hard to determine what is going on with our organs and arteries. These scans are a safe and affordable way to see if making any changes in your diet or exercise routine is necessary. Often, we don’t feel a disease until there is a symptom and our goal is to catch the problem before it gets to that stage. Also, a problem or disease is much easier to deal with in the early stages because treatment is usually less invasive.

As the saying goes “if you have your health, you have everything”! So much is taken for granted until something is “broken” right. As a certified wellness educator, I’m always looking for opportunities to help educate people of all ages of how important it is to take charge of your health and it doesn’t have to be complicated! I’ve recently partnered with a company that is committed to “Taking Healthy Back”! Making one simple change is a great way to get this new year started right. Not only do we offer our health screenings but we offer wellness programs (individual, group or corporate) to help you Shred some habits that are sometimes a challenge. There is an ongoing support system as well as an education program that can help you jump start those changes.

If you would like to be part of our Shred10 group (this is not about shredding 10 pounds, but about shredding some bad habits and adding some good ones for 10 days) you’ll also receive a free cookbook loaded with healthy and easy recipes and a children’s activity book to encourage them to make better choices with the food they are eating, their drink choices and moving more! You know I have seen repeatedly, once the whole family is on board making healthy choices is so much easier!

So, let’s make this year’s goals to “Take Healthy Back”, you’ll be so glad you did!

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