Health Screenings in Temecula

Breast Ultrasound $25 Off in October

During October for Breast Cancer Awareness month we are offering $25 off our Breast Ultrasounds!

Breast Scan (bilateral) $175 (unilateral) $95 (includes Rad Report)

A breast ultrasound is a sound wave technology that is used to examine breast tissue using no radiation. It is a safe screening tool to find the cause of breast symptoms, such as pain, swelling, redness or a breast lump found on a breast self-examination or physical examination. Most healthcare providers will order a breast ultrasound after suspicious finding in a mammogram, but with our breast ultrasounds, NO DOCTORS ORDER IS NEEDED.

Many women come to us each year to check their breast health for preventive measures. Usually if a symptom is caught early, it is much less invasive to treat, so that is why it is important to get a BREAST ULTRASOUND once a year.

Breast ultrasound is often used for women that have dense breast tissue. Breast tissue is composed of milk glands, milk ducts, and supportive tissue (dense breast tissue) and fatty tissue (non-dense breast tissue). Women with dense breasts are at increased risk of breast cancer and is often a cause of a false-negative report on a standard mammography screening. Dense breast tissue is very common but it does make it harder to find cancer on a mammogram and may be associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, that is why it’s so important to also have a BREAST ULTRASOUND.

Ultrasound is safe to use during pregnancy and is the most common imaging used during pregnancy to check the health of the baby inside the womb. In the past ten years, there has been a new ultrasound technology using 3-dimensional and 4-dimensional ultrasound. Because of the harmonic imaging, ultrasound contrast agents, it is an advanced technology to diagnose cancerous breast lesions in a noninvasive manner using no radiation.

For a BREAST ULTRASOUND, there is no fasting or sedation that is required. You should however, not use any soaps, lotions, powder, deodorant, or any other substance near the breasts the day of the procedure. This could interfere with the ultrasound findings. Dress in comfortable clothing and wear no necklaces or earrings.