Health Screenings in Temecula

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Can your company, organization, or community benefit from a health & wellness mobile health screening?

Our Preventive and Wellness Ultrasound Screenings are scheduled in our Redlands office or we will come to your corporate event with our Mobile Ultrasound team to offer them to your employees. Providing this service as part of a yearly Prevention and Wellness Health Program will not only save your company time but also money. Detecting illness and/or disease in its early stages will make treatment less invasive which means less time off work and many times can be changed with simple diet and lifestyle improvements. As part of our Prevention and Wellness Health Screening Services we offer a one hour workshop “9 Simple Steps for Prevention” with a Certified Health Coach to empower your employees. With the recent changes in our healthcare system, often times by providing this type of Prevention and Wellness program for your employees, your insurance will offer you a discounted premium. We also can provide your Church, Club or Non-profit organization a Mobile Ultrasound Prevention and Wellness Health Screening Event as a way to raise funds.

Clear Insight Ultrasound in Redlands is a premier provider of mobile health screenings bringing state-of-the-art testing to your doorstep. Because our health scans are radiation free they are a low-impact form of preventative health scanning. Our screenings are held at places of worship, community centers, businesses, health clubs, schools, physician practices, government offices, retirement communities and other community meeting places. Our mobile health screenings can be held on weekdays, weekends, during normal business hours, or during off-hours, depending on the needs of your organization. By working with local organizations, Clear Insight Ultrasound can offer these services in a convenient and familiar setting, which increases participation and ultimately increases the health of the organization/community. There is no expense to your company, organization or community associated with hosting a preventive screening event and we can offer our screenings at a discounted rate!

Wellness is an Investment

Offering worksite wellness screenings is about more than just creating healthier employees, it's about creating a healthier bottom line. By investing in the health of your employees, you are helping to control and reduce the rising cost of healthcare insurance premiums. Our health scanning program is designed to stand alone or as a valuable add-on to current wellness programs and are conveniently delivered to your facilities through the use of mobile ultrasound team. The benefit of identifying at-risk employees can not only deliver a significant cost savings in today's environment of high-cost healthcare, but also acts as a catalyst to encourage healthy lifestyle modifications. Studies have shown that employees that feel their employer cares about their wellness are happier, more productive, and less likely to seek new employment.

Clear Insight Ultrasound preventive health screenings are fast, accurate, and convenient. Our skilled medical sonographers who have completed formal training necessary to perform these ultrasound studies and have over 25 years experience set up a mini-clinic within the site’s facilities. Our Six Screening Package takes about 15-20 minutes, however we recommend you allow about 30 minutes to complete the entire screening process. Join us in our effort to prevent stroke, heart disease and other life-threatening conditions.

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