Weight Loss

Get a jump start to better health!

Here we are at the end of 2017 and the New Year is upon us! And what is the number one New Years Resolution? You guessed it, it is weight loss! But how many times have you started out that new diet to find that you lost all motivation within that first month? So perhaps you’ve gone about it in the wrong way because there is NO successful DIET. The reason for that is once you go off that diet you’re right back to square one and usually with a few more added pounds.

What we need to obtain our ideal weight is good nutrition. That’s right, if we give our bodies the nutrients that are needed the weight is going to come off and stay off for good and you won’t want to go back to eating processed foods. There is a process our bodies will go through called metabolic reprogramming which simply means our body remembers what we eat, and if we feed it good food, it starts craving the good foods and less of the junky or fatty foods.

Healthy Diet for 2018

As we age it’s important to eat a healthy diet and it’s really up to us, it’s not up to our health care providers to tell us that, in fact you’ll probably never hear them say that. Our doctors are in the business of writing prescriptions only because during medical school they only got about six weeks of nutrition classes. So with all the research that is available about what great things good nutrition does for our bodies, why aren’t more of us doing just that?

Change is the number one reason. That’s why at Clear Insight Ultrasound of Temecula we teach to focus on one change per month. It’s that simple and before the end of the year you’ve incorporated 12 new lifestyle changes to make you feel better, have more energy and prevent diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure which can lead to strokes, heart attacks and cancer.