Worksite Wellness

Everyone wants to feel good and look great right? That's why worksite wellness is so important. And what is amazing is how much more productive we are when we're feeling good! So why not incorporate a wellness program into your business? Going to a great expense is not necessary and it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll get every cent back that you paid into it. Also, most insurance companies will reduce your rates if you have such a program at your place of business.

A recent survey showed that when employers implemented a worksite wellness program, their employees became more productive. The simple fact that it shows your employees that you care about them and giving them what they need physically and nutritionally boosts everyone's moral. Here are some ideas on how your business can incorporate a worksite wellness program:

Worksite Wellness Program Ideas:

Workplace Wellness 1. Allow Time For Exercise. This might mean more flexible start times, longer lunch breaks or allowing mid-afternoon breaks. The most common complaint from 8-to-5 workers is that with commutes, there is no time to exercise. If you can, offer a subsidized gym program as well.

2. Offer Healthful Food Options. Most workplaces have at least one vending machine, sometimes two, if also offering a drinks vending machine. Oftentimes, your vending machine provider will be more than happy to swap out some choices for those that are healthier.

An alternative, if you do not have in-office vending machines is to arrange for a healthy food lunch-provider to make your business a regular stop. They will be more than happy to do so. You might also offer healthy energy bars and healthy drinks, on a pay-for honor basis.

3. Hold “Walk and Talk” meetings. Rather than sitting around a conference table with donuts and rolls, why not walk around the block while meeting. Physical activity also stimulates brain activity. You just might find creativity goes way up.

4. Add Formal Programs. Weight loss programs and ultrasound health screenings are two that work well. Providing an incentive; a department contest for best compliance as an example, is a great motivator. For more info on an integrated nutrition and exercise program click here.

Worksite Wellness programs are a cost-effective way to reduce health care expenses while promoting healthier employees. Catching any health issue in its early stages will make treatment less invasive which means less time off work.

So if you're waiting for the perfect time to start your wellness program, now is the time because healthy employees are better for your bottom line!

Contact us today for more info about onsite ultrasound screening that can save you money on your insurance premiums. We also offer an integrated exercise and nutrition program called The Complete Transformation Plan.

Written by Robin Badillo Clear Insight Ultrasound